Brunswick police rescued an injured barred owl that a citizen spotted sitting on the side of Route 24 in Brunswick on Monday morning.

Officer Justin Dolci and Heidi Nelson, the town’s animal control officer, placed the owl in a pet carrier and arranged to have it taken by the Maine Warden Service to Avian Haven, a wild bird rehabilitation center in Freedom.

Brunswick police posted a statement and photograph of the owl on the police department’s Facebook page, and commended the person who found the animal for notifying the department.

“Never attempt to pick up any wild animal by yourself. Please call your local animal control or warden service, who are trained in dealing with sharp claws, teeth and talons,” Brunswick police said.

Barred owls are large, stocky owls with rounded heads, no ear tufts and medium-length, rounded tails. Barred owls are mottled brown and white overall with dark brown, almost black eyes. They roost in forest trees during the day and hunt for small animals, such as rodents, at night.

They are best known for their loud barking hoo, hoo, hoo-hoo call, according to the Audubon Guide to North American Birds.