SANFORD — There’s a new Santa coming to town.

Inspired by Portland’s annual Secret Santa, an anonymous couple from southern Maine have decided to spread cheer in the state’s smaller, out-of-the-way spots.

During the two-day period that began Thursday, the costumed, 50-something couple with backgrounds in high school education will hand out $20,000 to complete strangers in $100 increments. The bills are tucked into window envelopes with Benjamin Franklin peeking through the plastic and “Secret Santa Maine” serving as the entirety of the return address.

On Thursday, the couple traveled through Sanford, Springvale and Alfred, with Santa at the wheel and “Christmas Bear” navigating to a soup kitchen, a pair of dollar stores and a food pantry. On Friday, they plan to hit a few towns in York and Cumberland counties.

Although the couple have made charitable donations for the past five years, this is the first year they’ve done it in face-to-face settings. They wanted to see the cheer firsthand, Santa said.

“We feel that God has blessed our lives,” he said. “We have no wants. We might as well share.”