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Tuesday July 29, 2014

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    Alicia ‘Lee’ Smilowicz, 38
    Medical Director
    HealthCalls, LLC

    Forty Under 40 Award winner
    Alicia Smilowicz is an osteopathic
    physician who is distinguishing
    herself as an associate clinical
    professor at the University of New
    England, where she’s worked for six

    In the past 12-18 months, she’s
    completed a fellowship for the
    American Academy of Osteopathy,
    which is the highest academic honor
    of her specialty. There are only 70
    AAO fellows in the U.S., and Alicia,
    at 38, is the youngest, having earned
    the honor on her first attempt,
    according to her husband, Jose
    Peralta, who nominated Alicia for
    the Forty Under 40 Award.

    “As a clinical professor, she is part
    of the education of at least 300
    students yearly. The heartfelt nature
    that she brings to education, and
    the enthusiasm for her field, ignites
    long-term mentoring relationships
    with medical students,†Peralta says.

    … “Her compassionate nature does
    not allow her to close her practice at
    5 o’clock. She is extremely concerned
    about her patients as a whole, which
    means you will often see her raking
    leaves, preparing dinners and
    providing social support outside of
    her medical office.â€Â

    This dedication has not gone
    unrecognized by her peers at the
    university, who often utilize the
    resources that Alicia’s training
    brings to her department. “She is
    an ongoing reference for academic
    thought and often a sounding board
    for management ideas relating to
    enigmatic patient care,†Peralta says.

    Alicia’s colleagues, in turn, are
    an inspiration to her, as are her
    patients, students, family and
    friends. “There is nothing like
    enthusiasm, laughter and joy to
    enrich our experiences, particularly
    when it comes to healing and
    promoting a sense of personal
    satisfaction and fulfillment,†she
    says. “I am motivated by those
    who embrace life with a spirit of

    Alica’s dedication also is evident
    in her practice, HealthCalls LLC,
    which she recently opened and
    hopes will create an environment
    of healing that greatly benefits her

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