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Saturday July 26, 2014

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    Aron Gaudet, 38
    Film Director & President
    Sunny Side Up Films

    Over the holidays in 2004,
    Old Town native Aron Gaudet
    and his fiancee, Gita Pullapilly,
    were visiting Aron’s mother,
    Joan Gaudet, in Bangor. One day
    they accompanied her to Bangor
    International Airport, where she
    and friends Jerry Mundy and
    Bill Knight had for months been
    greeting U.S. troops being deployed
    to or returning from Afghanistan
    and Iraq.

    Deeply moved by the greeters’
    dedication and encounters with
    the troops, and intrigued by
    their day-to-day lives, the couple
    and cameraman Dan Ferrigan
    (a Winslow native) created “The
    Way We Get By,†an independently
    filmed documentary. Gaudet was
    writer and director. Debuting
    in March 2009 at the South By
    Southwest Film Festival, and instate
    the following month at the
    Collins Center at UMaine, the film
    won 18 festival awards including
    the Special Jury Award at South
    By Southwest; aired on PBS as
    a primetime special, and was
    nominated for an Emmy.

    Gaudet studied at UMaine
    and the New England School of
    Communications and worked
    extensively in television news in
    Boston and New York, including
    a stint doing Red Sox and Bruins
    promos at NESN.

    Sunny Side Up Films’ next project,
    “Blue Potato,†is a coming-of-age
    story written by Gaudet, who
    will also direct, set in northern
    Aroostook County during the
    potato harvest. Casting is taking
    place in New York and Los Angeles;
    in-state auditions will follow.
    Production begins late this summer,
    and the film’s nationwide release is
    scheduled for early next year.

    Gaudet and Pullapilly (also a Forty
    Under 40 award winner; please
    see page 16) moved from New York
    to Bar Harbor in January 2011, in
    large part to establish a base to
    make the Maine-inspired films they
    envision. “There are so many great
    stories within the state, and Maine
    is so different from place to place,â€Â
    Gaudet says.

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