I would like to thank all the people who called or emailed members of the legislature regarding LD 374. LD 374 is the misguided, and probably unconstitutional, bill sponsored by Senator Bill Diamond that would all but eliminate the ability of citizens to petition their government. It is called the “anti-petition” bill.

The committee having jurisdiction over this bill, the Legal and Veterans Affairs Committee, reported it was inundated by calls and emails against this bill. As a result, the committee voted on February 28 to reconsider its earlier vote to approve this bill. The committee chair reports that people are working on a “compromise” on this bill.

We are not out of the woods yet. We don’t know what the “compromise” will look like. But given the desire of the sponsors of LD 374 to increase their power, we need to be on guard. Please call or email Representatives Haskell and Plummer and tell them you are totally opposed to any infringement on the right of the people to gather signatures for petitions at the polls.

If you need further information, read my letter to the editor in last week’s newspaper.

Gordon Browne


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