Thirteen people have taken out election papers to run in this November’s Scarborough election.

For Town Council, incumbents Jeffrey Messer and Shawn Babine have already returned their papers. William Jipson and former Town Councilor Ronald Ahlquist and Erica Snow have taken out papers, as has incumbent Sylvia Most, but none of those four have yet returned them.

For the Board of Education incumbent Chris Brownsey has already returned his papers to run for a three-year term. Former board member Annalee Rosenblatt has returned her election papers for a one-year term, and also for the three-year term. Michelle Hallett and Colleen Staszko have both taken out election papers, but have yet to return them.

For the Scarborough Sanitary District, incumbents James Pandiscio, John Tarbell and Charles Andreson have both taken out election papers, but have not yet returned them.

Those wishing to run for election must return the election papers by 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 7.