I started to read with interest last week’s article, “Finding Relief with Reliv,” because these products changed not only my health, but the direction of my professional life.

Janet Brown’s story inspired me, as a Licensed Massage Therapist, to educate myself for the betterment of my clients, many of whom suffered from auto immune conditions, as well as sports injuries and chronic degenerative diseases that the American public takes for granted as just a normal byproduct of aging.

I was offended by quotations from two physicians and hope they are open to learning for the benefit of their patients.

What I learned was:

1. Reliv is a Food Science Company, with patented (proven to be safe, effective and unique) products and functional formulas that feed the body optimal nutrition not the minimum RDI’s of the 50s. Not just a patent on a single ingredient, but the whole product. I believe it was the first food product to be awarded a government patent in 1988. The research and science are there, and “Cardiosentials,” Reliv’s newest product, has a clinical trial study behind it, before it came to market in 2005.

2. Reliv is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States, and has been highlighted by Business Week, Fortune and Forbes Magazine’s in 2005, with an increase of more than 1,500 percent in growth in the last five years. I believe this historic rise is due to the grassroots education spread person-to-person that people are discovering what life changing results individuals in 11 countries are experiencing with Reliv.

In a recent story produced by two writers for the New England Futures Project, I read, “More spending and more treatment are not making Americans healthier. The U.S. spends more than twice as much per capita on health care as the average of 22 wealthy nations. We spend far more than any other country on doctors, labs, tests and dispensed medicine. Yet we manage to trail similar countries in health adjusted life expectancy.” Wendy Everett of New England Health Initiative was quoted as saying “upwards of 90 percent of all health care dollars go to expensive hospital diagnosis, treatment, and surgical procedures-not prevention and pubic health.”

We need to be “Captains of our own health,” and Reliv makes this important first step, optimal nutrition, easy. Thank goodness someone cared enough about Janet to shareA? and that is her gift to pay forward so others can have a better quality of life. Many of us have joined her in this mission.

Sue O’Quinn


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