When I immigrated to this country I needed so much help with clothes and food before I started my part time job. I had no way to go for help except one
place which I always thank them. It is the food bank charity. Now once in a while I donate my clothes; I also try to raise money to help the food banks.

It’s our responsibility that we should give our donations to all our brothers and sisters to the food banks around the state to help them. Donations are needed now more than ever. Food banks across the state are experiencing short ages because they are serving so many people. Please help your local food banks today with a donation of food or cash. Also helping them to raise money is beneficial for the food banks. It will support the community of soup kitchens, senior center, daycare center, homeless shelters and residential programs.

You can go to your local food banks and they will ask you no questions about who you are or where you are come from. The people who work at food banks are very friendly people. They make you feel welcome as many times as you go. So please help and raise the money they need to support our local food banks.

Sameer Jamalzada