PORTLAND — Waynflete School officials will bring their expansion plans for the private school to a West End neighborhood presentation next week.

At a similar meeting April 13 at the Williston West Church in the Western Promenade neighborhood, more than 100 residents turned out to see what an expanded Waynflete campus might look like and how it could affect the neighborhood.

Waynflete is a kindergarten through grade 12 school located between Danforth and Spring streets. The school is working on options to accommodate expanded educational offerings. School officials have said there are no plans for increased enrollment. About 550 students currently attend the school.

At the April 13 meeting, architect Scott Simons presented two options.  One is to remain within the present campus boundaries and would lead to high density and taller buildings. The other option is to create a Waynflete Overlay Zone.

That zone would capture seven surrounding properties. Most of those properties are in the Western Prom neighborhood, but the zone jogs out across Emery Street to include St. Louis Catholic Church, an active parish. A spokeswoman for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland said there are no plans to close St. Louis.

The meeting next Tuesday, May 12, at Reiche School, hosted by City Councilor David Marshall, is meant to explain the plan to the neighborhood. At a meeting the following day, the West End Neighborhood Association is expected to vote on aspects of the Waynflete proposal.

The Western Promenade Neighborhood Association has already said it opposes campus expansion. Association member Anne Pringle will be at the May 12 meeting to explain her group’s opinion of the proposal. Waynflete Headmaster Mark Segar will also be in attendance.

The meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. at Reiche, 166 Brackett St.

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