As two former town councilors and a former chairman of the Falmouth Zoning Board of Appeals, we are writing to support enthusiastically Joe Wrobleski’s re-election to the Falmouth Town Council. Joe has been one of Falmouth’s best town councilors, and deserves re-election. His leadership, good judgment, problem-solving and respectful listening combine with his 110 percent dedication to the job, to make Joe an exceptional public servant.

Over the past three years, Joe has focused on both fiscal and organizational efficiency in town governance. Although, as an attorney, he has a full private practice, he nevertheless has put in untold hours and energy, above and beyond the standard work of council and subcommittee meetings, to advance the best interests of Falmouth residents.

Joe’s achievements over the past three years include work to redraft council rules and policies to make council actions more efficient and more transparent, and to reorganize and update town committee structure and ordinances – to help revitalize and enhance the town’s land use planning and its energy efficiency.

Please join us to re-elect Joe Wrobleski to the Falmouth Town Council on Tuesday, June 9.

John Hobson, Peggy McGehee, Dave McConnell