I grew up in Freeport and have lived here most of my life. I can’t remember when I have seen two businesses selling almost the same exact items so close to each other as Amato’s Restaurant, which will be located about 20 feet from the door of Derosier’s. On Derosier’s sign it says “Pizza, Sandwiches,” the exact items that Amato’s sells. When walking down Main Street this morning I did not see Dunkin’ Donuts next to Starbucks, Bath & Body Works next to Body Shop, Nike next to Reebok, Friendly’s next to Ben & Jerry’s, Carter’s next to Children’s Place. Even Sam’s is not close to Derosier’s. I have been a customer of Amato’s in the past, but this is very disappointing to see them come in town and be right next door to one of Freeport’s oiginal stores. I am not against them coming to town but a different location would be nice.

Amato’s in Brunswick does not have a sandwich or pizza business next door and the Portland locations do not either, but when they come to Freeport they move next door to ours. I cannot believe they would want someone to move in next to their locations selling pizza and sandwiches, and I cannot believe that the Town Council would allow this.

Dan Williams