I am a proud Morse High School Shipbuilder and a proud member of a great teachers union in RSU 1. Morse High School is an institution rich in tradition. RSU 1 is a district rich in a tradition of treating teachers fairly and decently. Yes, we’ve had disagreements with school boards in the past, but in the end both sides saw the importance of framing contracts with fair and honorable language so that teachers felt secure to do their jobs effectively and passionately.

Of late, however, I have been deeply saddened by the stance the board is taking in negotiations with teachers, specifically on what the board would like to do to future contract language. The disagreement is not primarily about money; in fact, it has not been primarily about money for some time. The dispute my union has is about the board’s desire to decimate language in our contract; it is language that has, throughout history in this district, served our union decently and fairly.

I have always been proud to work at Morse. I will continue to be proud to work at this great school. But I am greatly demoralized by the stance the board is taking to remove language in the teachers’ contract that will ostensibly remove a teacher’s ability to work feeling respected and honored.

Please help the hard-working teachers of RSU 1 by voicing your disapproval about possible language changes in the teachers’ contract as proposed by the School Board. We love your kids and want to continue providing great teaching to all of them.

Kevin O’Leary