BATH — The City Council voted unanimously Wednesday evening to seek a $500,000 public infrastructure grant to help fund improvements on Centre Street.

The $1.3 million project is planned to rehabilitate Centre Street between Bluff Road and High Street. Improvements would include the replacement of about 2,500 feet of 6- and 8-inch cast-iron water pipe with 12-inch ductile iron pipe. The pipeline includes valves, hydrants and connections to customer service pipes, and runs from Bluff Road to High Street.

The project also includes the extension of the sewer force main about 2,000 feet past the Bath Area Family YMCA to a gravity sewer on High Street. This work will redirect flow to the Commercial Street pump station and is expected to benefit residents who are served by the Harwood Street pump station.

The existing sidewalk would also be reconstructed, along with the portion of Centre Street disrupted by the project.

The city will submit a letter of intent to the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development, which administers Community Development Block Grants. Once Bath has been deemed eligible to apply, it will submit its application next month, according to Al Smith, the city’s community development director.

He said the city will know in about six months whether it has received the grant.

A public hearing was held on the project during Wednesday’s council meeting as part of the application process. There was no public comment.

Public Works Director Peter Owen said the city will contribute about $350,000 while the Bath Water District will fund about $400,000. Owen said the city could draw from a $1 million street improvement bond to pay for its portion of the project; City Manager Bill Giroux said tax increment financing funds may also be available to fund the city’s share.

Earlier in the meeting, the City Council re-elected Bernard Wyman and Andrew Winglass as chairman and vice chairman, respectively. Wyman and Winglass were both nominated for chairman, but Wyman received votes from Mari Eosco, David Sinclair, James Omo, Sean Paulhus and himself, while Winglass received votes from Wayne Cochrane, Kyle Rogers and Ruthe Pagurko and did not vote himself. Sinclair was also nominated, but he withdrew his name from consideration.

Both Winglass and Pagurko were nominated for vice chairman. Winglass received the majority of votes, from Omo, Cochrane, Eosco, Wyman and himself, and Pagurko was supported by Paulhus, Sinclair, Rogers and herself.

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