I watched in amazement as the Planning Board approved the parking lot plan for the Lighthouse Motel last Monday night. I was convinced that these hard-working volunteers who put in so much time for our town would do the right thing and delay any action until many legal and procedural questions were answered. I read the 30 pages of research and questions a group of citizens compiled and could not understand why many of the issues were not addressed by the board.

Most of the members, for example, agreed with the people that the plan to surround this oceanfront area with four-foot picket fencing was a bad idea and preferred open, split-rail fences. But rather than impose that as a condition of approval, they allowed the Lighthouse to match whatever fence the town chose to put up next door. The town plan calls for picket fencing.

What I really don’t understand is why several members of the board said they preferred to wait until the town finished its plan, but not one of them offered a motion to table the approval. And why did the chairman refuse to allow the 20 or so people in the audience the chance to speak?

I respect the work of those who give their time, and I have no problem with a decision they make I don’t agree with. It’s the process they used that is wrong.

Dianne McLellan