On behalf of the Scarborough Land Conservation Trust and its officers, directors and supporters, I would like to thank the citizens of Scarborough for their overwhelming support of the recent Land Bond Referendum, and the mandate for continued land conservation purchases and easements which it represents.

The Land Trust has now preserved more than 1,000 acres of rural wooded and open space for Scarborough.  The town also purchases land for public use.  Acquiring land is a difficult and time-consuming process and does not always result in success after many, many hours of work, mostly by volunteers. However, the availability of Land Bond funding is a critical element, making it possible to negotiate in good faith with landowners, to make and fulfill timely commitments, and to provide the “local share” of acquisition costs that is usually necessary in order to attract other financial support – a prime example being the matching grant of $200,000 which your approval of the Land Bond Referendum has enabled Scarborough to obtain from a generous anonymous donor through the Maine Community Foundation.

Few towns in Maine have even voted on land bonds, and we have approved three. That says a great deal about the citizens of Scarborough: it says that we share a vision of preserving the unique open and rural character of our town for ourselves, our children and theirs, forever.

Jack Anderson, president
Scarborough Land Conservation Trust