Dennis M. Sherman, the barbecue guru known as “DennyMike,” won silver and bronze medals for his Maine-made sauces and rubs at the annual National Barbecue Association conference in Memphis, one of the nation’s barbecue hotspots.

In blind taste tests, DennyMike’s Carolina-Style BBQ Sauce won a silver medal in the “Vinegar Spicy Sauce” category. “Fintastic,” a seafood rub, won a bronze in the “Mediterranean/Herb Rub/Seasoning” category. Sherman’s “Hot ‘n Nasty” sauce won a fifth place award in the “Tomato Spicy Sauce” category.

Two of DennyMike’s rubs, “Pixie Dust” and “Sublme Swine,” are going to be making an appearance at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Oscar night party in New York on March 7. The products will be included in gifts bags presented to previous Oscar winners and nominees at the event at the Palace Hotel.

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