Socialism, socialism, socialism. We’re all socialists now. With this bright future, we all need to look at it clearly. Should we consider the old Soviet Union, or how about Cuba, or North Korea?

We can surely be more positive than that. Maybe our future is the Western European model where 10 percent unemployment is now accepted as normal.

How about those long lines at the clinics and long waits for medical procedures? Does that rock your boat? To do all of this, all we need do is pick our neighbors’ pockets through higher taxes. In no time at all we will all benefit from this redistribution of wealth. Of course, it will be a lower standard of living for all, but then that’s only fair, right?

Come on folks, wake up. Our country has been the most successful and productive in all of history, thanks to a brilliant group of guys we call our Founding Fathers. Study the history of socialism and take a peek at economics.

If you do this with an open mind, you will soon discover that it is true freedom from an oppressive government and having a free economic system called capitalism that has proven to be the only answer that provides a true opportunity for all to lead a fuller and happier life.

Take it from me, I have been teaching these things for 40 years.

Russell Warnberg



Karl Marx said: “Democracy is the road to socialism.”

We have a socialist-minded president, who along with his Democratic lackeys, have taken over Wall Street, the banking industry, the auto industry, home ownership and now health care. Marx has unfortunately been proven to be right.

But hang on, America, he isn’t through yet. Watch your pocketbook.

State-run Dirigo Health in Maine and Massachusetts’ mandated health care have been and now are total financial disasters. ObamaCare will not be any different.

The bleeding-heart liberals in this country will not be happy until everyone who is working has to give half a paycheck every week to someone who can’t work or simply doesn’t want to work. God Bless America.

Craig E. Elliott



The villain du jour in today’s mainstream media is the hyper-evil (boo-hiss) corporation – one needs but to say the first syllable of the word and a thousand progressives rise in unison to boo.

Corporations exist to make a profit – that is their raison d’etre. If new taxes such as those imposed last week force their profit margin below what they consider an acceptable level they adjust by cutting expenses, which means that people get laid off. This is the way of business – small companies, large companies, your local business, whatever.

Ever hear of Medtronic? Among other products they make the recently approved pacemaker that is safe for MRI scans or the InterStim bladder-control device. They recently (since March 24) announced that the new taxes on their products (courtesy of last week’s legislation) could force them to lay off 1,000 workers.

Get used to the phrase “Value Added Tax,” or simply VAT. Or you could call it a national sales tax, because that will eventually become a reality in order to finance the brave new world that our leaders are creating for us. Just ask the folks in Europe how well it works.

In closing, ask Rep. Chellie Pingree a simple question: Did she actually read the 2,700 page bill on which she voted an enthusiastic “yes”?

Is that asking too much?

Terence McManus

New Sharon


Christian, Jewish faiths call for welcoming others


When Passover and Holy Week overlap, as they do in 2010, both Christians and Jews read the same stories from the Bible. The plight of the alien living among the people of Israel became a serious issue.

The conclusion is that aliens (immigrants) should be treated well to remind the people of Israel they too were aliens (immigrants) in a strange land. Isn’t it time for America to arrive at the same conclusion about our immigrants, since we too were once immigrants in a strange land?

The Rev. Dr. James M. Young

Retired Pastor, United Methodist Church



If topless march goes on, consistency will count


I certainly hope none of the young women who say they plan on parading their assets in Portland today and who state that there is no difference between male and female toplessness has ever bought a push-up bra, worn a sexy top or otherwise enhanced their appearance before a big night out. Because, if they have the courage of their convictions, that would be wrong.

Anne-Marie Watson



City’s local literary scene productive and advanced


In response to the story “Highland Street, Deering and Beyond” in the March 3 Press Herald: I was both amused and delighted to read about the three enterprising and literary-minded young men who publish “Highland Street Lifestyles” – especially since one of them shares my name, which wouldn’t be remarkable if it wasn’t for the fact that I also attended Longfellow, and embarked on a similar publishing venture when I was around the same age.

Although our publishing methods in those days were a lot more primitive, I must have found the experience rewarding, because I continued to pursue my writing interests, resulting in the publication in 2002 of my book “Sonic Cool: The Life & Death of Rock N’ Roll,” which I also teach a class on at Portland Adult Education.

And I’m still self-publishing, with my ‘zine, Kapital Ink. I encourage Joe and his cronies continue to pursue their interest in writing, publishing and media.

Joe S. Harrington



Painting road margins would keep cars on track


I’m sure the repainting of the white lines on the sides of the roads is at the very bottom of the “to do list” for the towns. It would be good if some of the stimulus money could be used for this purpose.

It is very difficult to see the side of the road, especially at night, even more so in the rain, and if you’re on an unfamiliar road, it’s disastrous.

Joan Pappalardo



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