Raven & Crow, a metaphysical shop and espresso bar on Brunswick’s Pleasant Street, will close its storefront after nearly three years of business.

The shop opened in Brunswick in 2021, selling spiritual items such as crystals, herbs and pendulums. Inspired by Salem witch shops, the owners also erected a community altar, drawing what the owners described as a welcoming community of eclectic practitioners to the store. The storefront closing, however, is not the end of the shop, said co-owner Emile Boisvert.

“Right now, our tentative idea is swapping our store itself over to Shopify,” Boisvert said. He added that once things settle after closing, the owners will begin searching for another storefront — ideally in Brunswick.

The owners, who are a collective of six locals, all live in the area and plan to stay in contact to keep the store running online. Items not sold in the store’s final days will be kept and stored for the online shop.

Boisvert, who said over the weekend that the closing has not quite sunk in, said the Pleasant Street location was, at least, a good starting point for the business.

“I think bigger and better things are waiting,” Boisvert said.

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