SOUTH PORTLAND — The City Council on Monday approved a $41.1 million school budget that would eliminate 25 positions.

Councilors voted 4-1 in favor of the budget, which other than a change reflecting an increase in state subsidy was the same as the version approved by the Board of Education last month. Rosemarie DeAngelis was opposed, and Tom Blake and Patti Smith were absent.

The property tax rate for the school portion of South Portland’s budget would increase 1.1 percent, or 11 cents, to $9.62 per $1,000 of assessed valuation. The property tax impact would be lower than what was anticipated last month. An additional $130,685 in state subsidy was used to lower the tax impact of a secondary schools capital reserve fund for future debt service costs. The fund will be seeded with $506,623.

Only two of the 25 positions up for elimination are currently vacant. The positions include teachers, education technicians, assistant coaches, a guidance counselor, a truck driver and a clerk.

The school budget still needs voter approval at the polls. The school budget validation vote will be held May 6.

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