AUGUSTA — Candidates running for governor reported their spending totals Friday, 11 days before the June 8 primary. And while there were no big surprises, the reports reflect a vigorous campaign.

Taking into account the reports that have been filed to date, candidates have spent more than $5.7 million on the primary races.

Six of the seven Republicans are spending private money — in some cases, large amounts of their own funds — to try to get elected.

Les Otten, who had contributed $1.2 million of his own money to the campaign in the last reporting period, loaned his campaign another $930,000 in the reporting period, which ran from April 21 to May 25.

In total, Otten has now loaned his campaign roughly $2.2 million, and has raised $116,700. As of the latest filings, the Greenwood Republican has spent $2.3 million on his campaign.

Bruce Poliquin of Georgetown reported $737,765 in total receipts, which includes $650,000 from his own pocket. He has spent $711,074.

Portland’s Steve Abbott has a cash total of $344,529 plus $87,302 in loans he made to the campaign in the latest period, for a total of $431,831. He has spent roughly $333,000 and has a balance of $108,641 heading into the last week before the primary.

Bill Beardsley of Ellsworth reported a total of $314,082, just $12,675 more than he reported last month. Beardsley contributed $250,000 to his campaign during the last reporting period. He has spent $251,940 in total, including $187,170 in the most recent period.

Cumberland’s Matt Jacobson reported total receipts of $182,000, which includes a $20,000 loan he made to the campaign. He has spent $137,000, according to the reports.

Paul LePage of Waterville has collected $164,986 in cash. Combined with $111,000 in loans he has made to the campaign, he has a total of $275,986. LePage has spent about $152,000 to date.

State Sen. Peter Mills, who is using public funds to pay for his campaign, has been authorized to spend $600,000 in Clean Election money. He has spent much of it — $592,994 so far.

There are two privately financed candidates on the Democratic side, Rosa Scarcelli and Steven Rowe, both of Portland.

Scarcelli has raised $309,985, according to reports filed Friday, and has loaned her campaign $310,800, for a total of $620,785. She has spent $674,044.

And Rowe reported total receipts of $479,677 for the primary campaign, having spent $465,000.

Two Democratic candidates — Patrick McGowan and Senate President Elizabeth Mitchell — are using Clean Election money. Mitchell has received $400,000 in Clean Election funds and had raised $113,800 in seed money. She has spent $488,809, and reported $25,044 in cash on hand.

McGowan hadn’t filed an 11-day-out report as of 8:30 p.m. He had also received $400,000 in Clean Election funds. In an earlier filing from the end of April, he reported spending $85,000. In two 24-hour reports filed Thursday and Friday, he reported spending about $30,500.

The candidates had until 11:59 p.m. Friday to file their reports with the state Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices. 

Staff Writer Matt Wickenheiser contributed to this report. 

MaineToday Media State House Reporter Susan Cover can be contacted at 620-7015 or at:

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