Leesa Smith aced the eighth hole at Poland Spring Resort on June 21. Smith used a 4-hybrid for the shot, which was witnessed by Marty Corey, Joanne Conley and Caron Hall.


Dawn Ross made a hole-in-one on the sixth hole at Spring Meadows Golf Club on June 23. She used a pitching wedge for the 100-yard shot, witnessed by Josh Armandi.


Sam Hamalainen aced the fifth hole at Rockland Golf Club on June 23. Hamalainen used a 6-iron for the 136-yard shot, which was witnessed by Jarrett Widdecombe. It was Hamalainen’s second hole-in-one.


Tyler Ross aced the 165-yard sixth hole at Salmon Falls Country Club on June 24. Ross used a 7-iron for his second hole-in-one, which was witnessed by Dylan Link.


Jim Pound scored a hole-in-one on the 133-yard 16th hole at Falmouth Country Club on June 25. Pound used a 9-iron for the shot, which was witnessed by Tom Bourdon.


Bruce Fritzon used an 8-iron to ace the 151-yard 15th hole at Old Marsh Golf Club on June 25. The shot was witnessed by Brian Shanahan.