CRANBERRY ISLES – Islesford resident Jim Parrish is building a miniature golf course in his front yard, where you can play for $4 a round this summer. All the money goes to disaster relief efforts in Haiti and along the Gulf Coast.

He built his first course and raised $1,000 for victims of Hurricane Katrina a few years ago. He said last week that he expects the new course to be finished and ready for play this weekend.

While the purpose of the project is serious, Parrish clearly indulged his sense of whimsy in creating and naming the golf holes. A hole that features some old brass horns is called the Blow Hole. The Iceberg Hole has a 4-foot penguin. And a pile of branches with a toy tiger on top? That’s the Tiger’s Woods Hole.

One hole has a rotating carousel powered by a ceiling fan motor. On the Island Hole, you have to hit the ball up and over a lobster trap covered with artificial turf.

As part of the fundraising effort, Parrish is selling raffle tickets for items donated by two of his famous Islesford neighbors. Steve Hillenburg, the writer, actor, director and animator who created “SpongeBob SquarePants,” is donating a signed portrait of the cartoon character. Artist Henry Isaacs, whose landscape paintings are in dozens of public and private collections across the country, is donating a signed print of one of his works.

— Mount Desert Islander


Repairs to restrict New Bridge traffic for up to six weeks

On Tuesday, the Maine Department of Transportation will begin rehabilitation work on the New Bridge, located in Damariscotta Mills at the Newcastle-Nobleboro town line.

The New Bridge carries Route 215, also known as Mills Road, over the outlet of Damariscotta Lake. The work will involve removal and replacement of the deteriorated concrete surface on the bridge.

One lane of the bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic while the work being done. DOT traffic engineers have specified the use of “Stop” and “Proceed When Clear” signs to regulate traffic flow across the bridge during the work period.

The project is expected to take between five and six weeks.

— The Lincoln County News