AUGUSTA – A former Cold War-era radar site and timberland not far from an existing wind farm are the latest sites in Maine that are being considered for large wind energy projects.

The Penobscot Indian Nation is purchasing land where a former Air Force “backscatter” radar station was located in the central Maine town of Moscow.

Tribal Chief Kirk Francis said the Penobscots have been looking at the 1,274-acre site for more than a year, and are working with the General Services Administration, which owns the property, and Bureau of Indian Affairs to finalize the sale.

Meanwhile, a subsidiary of a company that has already developed major wind-generating facilities in the state, First Wind LLC of Massachusetts, is looking at a site in Carroll Plantation and Kossuth Township in eastern Maine.

This week, the state Land Use Regulation Commission will consider whether to allow an expedited application for the project. First Wind plans to file a full application with LURC this fall, but the company said it wants all of the land for the proposed facility included in the state’s “expedited permitting area” for wind power projects. Expedited permitting allows for a streamlined application process.