Last week I had to be transported to Mercy Hospital via ambulance from the Biddeford Courthouse, where I work. The court security responded quickly and the Saco Fire Department’s attentiveness and knowledge gave me some relief during a frightening episode. Their thoroughness allowed me to arrive at the hospital, already on oxygen, blood already drawn, stats already called in and an IV already in place for fluid drip to handle dehydration. The hospital was ready for me and able to respond quickly and appropriately for my care.

Often we are unaware of these services because most of us, thankfully, never have to call. However for those who do, the training and expertise can be life-saving. My hat goes off to all fire departments who staff skilled EMTs to care for residents in need. It is evidence of tax dollars well spent, and I know that our own South Portland Fire Department is equally as talented. All our fire safety staff are trained EMTs; we can be thankful for that.

As I attempt to get some rest, I recall the day (the eve of my birthday) and will be forever grateful that I live in a part of this state that is a service center with talented individuals who commit themselves to the well-being and safety of others. While I hope to not ever have to call again, I am confident that we are in good hands.

Rosemarie De Angelis, city councilor
South Portland