A Portland man who gained notoriety for telling a judge he was a time bomb was arrested again this week on charges of indecent conduct and refusal to submit to arrest.

Portland police arrested Norman Dickinson after he allegedly exposed himself on the Western Promenade Wednesday at 7:30 a.m. A citizen reported the behavior and when police arrived, Dickinson, 42, ran, police said. They arrested him at his home on Gilman Street.

He was arrested in 2009 on similar charges.

He is being held on the Cumberland County Jail where he is also accused of violating his probation stemming from an earlier burglary conviction.

Police say they have had reports of incidents of indecent exposure in that park in the morning and asked that anyone with information contact police at 874-8539.

In 1989, Dickinson pleaded guilty to threatening three women with a realistic-looking toy gun, kidnapping a woman and stealing the car of another woman. His struggles to re-enter society after spending much of his life in state institutions have made headlines since 1997 when he told a judge he was a “time bomb” and may commit new violent crimes.