With regards to Edgar Allen Beem’s column, “Cutler’s anonymous critics keep the biggest secret,” I’d like to go out on that limb and guess. First let me say that while I don’t always agree with Beem’s points like gay marriage, he’s a real treat to read; we’re both liberals, although I call myself a conservative liberal.

Anyway, my guess is that while the person or persons behind the Cutler Files may well be acting on their own, my gut says the motive is to benefit that guy from Waterville who’s running for governor. Anonymous writers have always played a role in the history of the world, but generally it’s to serve beyond a self-serving interest. I don’t know what is going to happen in November, but this campaign for governor has quite a few similarities to the 2008 presidential campaign, where bloggers on the net tried to distort President Obama’s life and beliefs. When people vote from a position of hate, fear and distortions it can very well lead to negative repercussions. If we are to rise above one in seven living in poverty, it has to go beyond Waterville and shady financial dealings here and elsewhere.

John W. Russell
Old Orchard Beach