In response to Gary Moore’s Maine Voices of Sept. 10 (“It’s easy to break the rules when they cover everything you want to do”).

I just have a few small questions for the former state legislator (and I now feel glad it is “former”).

So, Mr. Moore, did you bag your empty beer bottles, bring them ashore and dispose of them appropriately?

The Marlboros you said your companions smoked were all disposed of in an ashtray aboard and not one butt hit the water, right? And with all this fun times of drinking, smoking and disrespecting true representatives of the law in the state of Maine, I hope nobody relieved himself in the water or on the shore?

It’s yahoos like this who help make time on the lake a far less pleasant experience for the majority of folks who like to enjoy it. Witness the closing of the beach in Raymond. I bet Mr. Moore had fun speeding up and getting close to sailboats, watching small boats or trolling boats rock and roll in his wake, or having to turn to cut across the wake so as not to risk capsizing.

Or maybe he just roared on happily oblivious to one and all around him.

I wish we had more water security personnel to issue fines to people like this, who believe they make their own rules and are above the ones that apply to the rest of us simple tax-paying folk.