I am writing in support of the South Portland High School renovation project. I recently toured the high school and I would encourage anyone who doubts the need for repair to take a tour as well. I saw cracks in the exterior walls, windows that I wouldn’t have in my home and asbestos throughout the building. I came away convinced that the annex needs to be demolished and wondering what we are paying in excess energy costs.

Our schools, along with our people, are the biggest assets that our city has. People move to South Portland because of our schools. Businesses follow those people. We all benefit from good schools because they support our property values, and they instill civic pride.

Our high school building no longer inspires pride. Beal Gym looks great from the basketball court and our auditorium is wonderful, but go downstairs in the gym and through the annex, where most of the classrooms are, and it’s old, outdated, dark, drafty and depressing.

I have to wonder how long we can continue to offer a quality high school education at that facility. The building has seriously declined and is unsafe on many levels. One should wonder when the educational standards will decline, and with it the decline of our community.

I hope the citizens of South Portland will support the renovation, and in doing so, support our children and our community.

Lisa Chase
South Portland