SHAPLEIGH — A volunteer captain with the Shapleigh Fire Department has been charged with driving to endanger for an Aug. 8 crash that destroyed a town firetruck.

Natasha Kinney, 30, of Lebanon was issued a citation Wednesday by the investigator, Maine State Police Trooper Dan Worcester.

Kinney, who had been with the Shapleigh Fire Department for five years prior to the crash, was driving a 2005 tanker-pumper truck carrying about 1,800 gallons of water. She had left the scene of a dryer fire on Ross Corner Road at 5 p.m. on Aug. 8, and was headed to refuel the truck at the fire station. Kinney was rounding a bend on Newfield Road when she lost control of the vehicle. The truck rolled and came to rest upside down. Kinney suffered minor injuries.

The truck narrowly missed four motorcyclists who were riding in formation on Honda Goldwings. One of the riders ditched his motorcycle in the soft shoulder in order to avoid the truck. The riders credited their own safety training, and Kinney’s attempts to maintain control of the firetruck, with saving their lives.