PORTLAND — Anthony’s Italian Kitchen on Middle Street has become Portland’s first restaurant to voluntarily post calorie counts on its menu as part of a city healthy eating and anti-obesity program.

The restaurant best known for its pizza and friendly atmosphere has a new “Lighter Side” menu, which includes smaller portions, some new sandwiches and lighter versions of its classic dishes, such as mushroom bolognese and wheat pasta (322 calories) and chicken cacciatore over wheat linguine (580 calories).

Owner Tony Barrasso said he may lose some meatball sandwich orders, but expects to pick up business on “the thinner side.” Barrasso also has begun a personal quest to lose weight and improve his health, posting his weight inside the restaurant so his regular customers can help keep him on track.

The new menu is part of Portland’s “Smart Meals for ME” program, funded by a federal grant. The city pays the costs of analyzing the recipe and creating new menus and signs. More restaurants around the city are expected to follow Anthony’s in the coming months, officials said.