SCARBOROUGH — Six amendments to the Town Charter were approved by voters Tuesday, including one that gives residents a process for recalling elected officials.

All of the questions passed by wide margins:

• Question 1 passed 7,858 to 1,115. It prohibits a person from serving on both the Board of Education and the Sanitary District board.

• Question 2 passed 7,338 to 1,377. It sets the number of Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals seats at five members with two alternates.

• Question 3 passed 7,193 to 1,579. It creates a permanent Long-Range Planning Committee.

• Question 4 passed 6,225 to 2,098. It creates a process for a citizen petition in the case of the town selling or trading property worth more than $400,000.

• Question 5 passed 6,430 to 2,052. It creates a process for a citizen petition and referendum vote to recall elected officials.

• Question 6 passed 7,566 to 1,038. It sums up grammatical, organizational and technical changes to the charter.

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