Here are the latest donations to the Bruce Roberts Toy Fund:

Previously acknowledged: $7,107

Anonymous $20

In memory of Jim – Peg O’Leary $10

Anonymous $50

Merry Christmas – Nancy and Steve $100

Anonymous $100

In loving memory of my grandmother, Mary Shapazian, and my aunt, Margaret Shapazian – Patti $25

In loving memory of my husband, David Barter – Patti $25

In memory of Brian Joseph – Martine Morin Boissonneault $50

In loving memory of my husband, Ron B. $100

In memory of Timothy Robert Hunter – Mom, Dad and Debbie $40

Peter and Lorraine Webber $50

Wendy A. Kemp $20

In loving memory of John S. MacKenzie $25

In loving memory of Robert P. Snyder and Carolyn B. Snyder $100

In loving memory of Michelle E. Lemaire – Mary Lou and Normand Lemaire $50

W. Joan Bartlett $50

In memory of loved ones $30

Marcia Miller $50

In memory of Dr. Harold Jones $100

Gorham Memorial VFW Post 10879 $25

In loving memory of Rose Darling, Adeline Bailey and Ralph Steed $75

Anonymous $100

Edwin and Cynthia Heisler $200

In memory of my son, Leroy Tucker – Eva Giro $25

In loving memory of Alice Davis – Debbie and Mick $50

Anonymous $100

In memory of Patrick Dolan Davis $50

In loving memory of Larry and Darlene Holston – Allen and Deborah Cairns $50

Cookie $25

Brian K. Berry $50

Libby-Mitchell American Legion Post 76 baseball team $100

In loving memory of Danny P., who loved Christmas – Gram K. $10

Former Civilian Conservation Corps young men and women and members of Chapter 111, CCC Legacy group $100

In memory of Irvin C. Cyr – Love, Carmen and Meghan $10

In memory of our loved ones – Harold Warren and Dolores Carver $50

In memory of John and Lorena Knight and Red, Marie and Gayle Crapser – Dick and Nan Knight  $25

Barbara C. Willey $50

Charlie T. Fisher $50

Carolyn D. Bird $100

In loving memory of Allen and David – Bev and Charlie Sowerby $100

Pamela J. and Ralph G. Hillman Jr. $50

Arnold and Susan Harmon $50

Adele Mack $10

In loving memory of our parents, Stan and Ruth Blake, and our sister, Janet Blake – Linda Cooper and Bonnie Kam $50

In loving memory of Joseph Konon. We miss you – Tom, Maureen, Anthony and Nathan $25

Jim and Jackie Durant $100

In memory of our sister-in-law, Pauline Grant $50

Bobbie and Cliff Thomas $25

In memory of Phil and Connie – David R. Boston $100

In memory of Nana $50

In memory of my brothers, Charles and Ernest Howe – Arnold Howe $25

Edward and Catherine Peterson $150

In memory of my Mom, Thelma Gould $25

Today’s total:   $3,050

Total to date:    $10,157