As a former Maine resident with extensive contacts in the state, I have been watching the gubernatorial election and transition attentively.

If Dan Demeritt’s Maine Voices column of Dec. 27 (“Lauren LePage perfect choice to serve in a LePage administration”) reflects the incoming administration as a whole, the next four years should be — interesting.

Demeritt, LePage’s official spokesman, claims that Lauren LePage is an appropriate choice for a state job because she is “loyal to (her father) and his agenda.”

She is also utterly unqualified, whether measured on the basis of education (as a biology major) or experience (as a waitress).

Furthermore, Demeritt disdainfully dismisses “anonymous” commentary on this breathtaking act of nepotism.

Well, those commenters do have a name: Mainers.

And whether Demeritt likes it or not, those are the very people whom LePage and his administration purport to represent. Furthermore, Demeritt says that LePage will do as he pleases without concern for “the political considerations.”

Well, there’s a word describing people who run for elected office: Politicians.

Whether he likes it or not, LePage is one, and as such, he needs to realize he is responsible to the general public and not just to a board of shareholders.

LePage claimed throughout the election to speak for the majority of Mainers. So far, he seems to be looking out solely for the greater good of himself and his close followers.

There’s another word for that: cronyism.

If Mr. Demeritt is truly unable to see how LePage’s actions so far could be construed as such, then this administration is going to have far bigger problems than just PR issues.