I am really interested in the plans for development of the Doane Property in Cumberland, and have been since it was first proposed several years ago. Now that David Bateman is involved, I’m even more excited. I met David and his son several times when our Longwoods Alpaca Farm was using the barn at Tidewater in Falmouth. I had the chance to speak with a few very happy owners of the homes he built there, as well as some of the Lunt Road neighbors. I have only heard good things about David. Have those same homeowners been surveyed recently? Are they still as happy with the workmanship and design? Can’t hurt to hear from them.

The location of this project is excellent: not intrusively visible, but right in the heart of Cumberland Center, with easy access from two main roads. A safe place for children to grow up, close to schools and playing fields, etc. The mixed-use part of the plan will breathe new life into Cumberland, and apartments and townhouses will enable recent high school and college grads, as well as newlyweds and retirees, to stay in Cumberland. Would the post office consider moving into a spot there?

I also hope one of the businesses is a family-style restaurant that isn’t “fast food” – more like a diner with real food, made from healthy, local ingredients. Since Cumberland doesn’t allow restaurants to be open all day, perhaps breakfast or brunch and dinner, since we already have Basil Provisions for lunch and catering.

Pamela Harwood