KENNEBUNK — Heartwood College of Art is showing photographs by college President Berri Kramer from her recent journey to Guatemala.

The show is titled “Bringing It Home: A Visual Journey of the Villages of Conception and Zunililito, Guatemala.”

In her work, Kramer tries to capture the joy and innate personal happiness exuded by the people she meets, despite their living in extreme poverty.

Kramer made her trip with Partners In Development, a poverty-busting nonprofit organization out of Ipswich, Mass.

“I took photographs of children that need sponsors, the water project and other stories to raise funds for a new health center,” she said. She hopes that “Bringing It Home” will enable her to tell the stories of the people she met to a wide audience.

Kramer plans to return to Guatemala to carry the momentum of the effort forward. “The colors alone speak to the artist in me. They celebrate the richness of the people themselves,” she said.

The exhibition is on view through Feb. 24. Kramer will discuss her experiences at 6 p.m. Friday at Heartwood, 123 York St., Kennebunk. Call 985-0985 with questions.