GORHAM — Kerosene sold at a Gorham convenience store within the past two days was mistakenly contaminated with gasoline, a mixture the State Fire Marshall’s Office says could cause an explosion.

Fire Marshal John Dean urges anyone who purchased kerosene from the Little Mart at the intersection of Routes 202 and 237 in Gorham to stop using the product immediately.

Dean said a delivery of gasoline was mistakenly pumped into the store’s kerosene tank on Tuesday. About 400 gallons of the dangerous mixture was purchased over a period of 48 hours before the mistake was discovered this afternoon.

Any heating devices fueled by the contaminated mixture should be removed from all living spaces immediately, Dean said.

Any person who purchased the contaminated kerosene can return it to the Little Mart for a full refund. The store’s phone number is 892-4153.

Gorham’s Fire Chief Robert Lefebvre is using the town’s reverse 911 calling system to notify residents about the situation.