Terry Miller, author of the Heritage Foundation’s column about cutting government spending in Germany as a way to achieve fiscal health, of course leaves out all the factors that make his argument spurious.

The first point is that Germany has an excellent health insurance system for all its citizens. You choose your own doctor and hospitals and the government pays to educate doctors so they aren’t forced to pay huge loans for medical school. Medical procedure costs are capped by the government.

Germany does not have free trade agreements that disadvantage the German worker for the benefit of giant multinational corporations and the super-rich.

Germany still has a strong industrial sector that is nearly 100 percent unionized, yet they are the second-biggest exporter of finished goods in the world behind China. All major German companies have two corporate board members that are labor representatives by law. German management and labor have the best relationship in the world today.

And finally, German banks are more tightly controlled and regulated than U.S. banks, their recession was short, and they had no mortgage crisis.

So Mr. Miller and I would agree that Germany has done a better job returning itself to prosperity than the United States. E-mail Mr. Miller at the Heritage Foundation and ask him how could it be that a German liberal secular government with many positive socialistic aspects is doing a far better job providing opportunities for all of its people than the United States.

Just another example of how the ruling class is selectively misinforming the American public.