An attempted snowmobile stunt for a video camera resulted in a likely concussion for a 67-year-old man from New York.

Carlo Trovato of Staten Island, visiting a friend on Linnell Road in Windham, planned to drive his friend’s snowmobile over a 3-foot-high snowbank while the owner filmed the stunt this afternoon. Trovato went a little too fast, however, and the machine’s skis left the ground for about 20 to 25 feet, said Rick Stone of the Maine Warden Service.

When the front end touched down in the soft snow, it struck the submerged wooden frame of a horseshoe box, kicking man and machine to the right and into a pine tree with trunk 18 inches in diameter.

Trovato, who wasn’t wearing a helmet, apparently hit his head on a branch.

A while after going into the house, Trovato “almost passed out,” Stone said.

Paramedics were called to the scene, and Trovato was transported to Maine Medical Center.

Stone blamed the accident on “speed and operator inexperience.”

As for the video, the owner recorded only the jump. The snowbank obscured the encounter with the tree.