FALMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL won first place in the Maine Forensic Association State Debate Championship Jan. 29 at Marnacook High School in Readfield. The team also won the Sportsmanship Award and members won many individual awards.

In Lincoln-Douglas style debate, discussed the topic: “Resolved: In the United States, juveniles charged with violent felonies ought to be treated as adults in the criminal justice system.” Junior varsity winners include Emma Sapat, first, and Lee Larson, second

In varsity public forum style debate, students debated: “Resolved: In the United States, plea bargaining undermines the criminal justice system.” Varsity winners include the team of Kyle Grigel and Michael Norton, first; Molly Paris and Katie Ventura, third; and Reid Pryzant and Toby Aicher, fifth.


THE ANIMAL WELFARE SOCIETY will have 20 puppies available for adoption in the coming week. Through a partnership with the Puppy Pipeline, these puppies were rescued from Ohio and Georgia. Vist www.animalwelfaresociety.org to see which puppies will be available when. Call us at 985-3244 for more information.



LEARNINGWORKS in Portland received a $100,000 grant from the Walmart Foundation. The grant will be used to provide one-on-one and classroom-based language and cultural literacy instruction to more than 200 immigrants and refugees in southern Maine. LearningWorks is dedicated to helping Portland’s immigrant and refugee community learn English.


PLANET DOG Foundation awarded $25,000 in grants to five non-profit canine service organizations across the country. The recipients include: All Breed Canine Search and Rescue in Silverdale, Wash.; Assistance Dogs of America in Swanton, Ohio; East Coast Assistance Dogs in Torrington, Conn.; Paws for Friendship in Tampa, Fla.; and the Sherman Health Foundation in Elgin, Ill.


SOUTH PORTLAND HIGH SCHOOL received a grant from the Communities Promoting Health Coalition to enhance its greenhouse. The school’s learning alternatives ecology class is planning to revitalize the greenhouse, which has been rarely used for many years.