Animal Refuge League

The following animals are available for adoption from the Animal Refuge League at 449 Stroudwater St., Westbrook. For more information, call 854-9771 or visit

Foo, an 8-year-old neutered male chow mix, loves people and is playful and polite. Foo has no experience with children or cats, but he might be a great pal to both. He may be OK with another dog with a supervised introduction first. Foo has been a pet who lived much of his time outdoors, so he might need to brush up on his house training. Speaking of brushing, his thick coat will need regular care.

Parvati, a spayed female Holland Lop rabbit, made her way to the ARL when her family could no longer take care of her needs. This 1-year-old rabbit is so delightful! She enjoys attention, perching on top of her hidey-house to beg for it. She exudes such joy in her hop when bouncing around the room. Her previous family tells us that she was not fond of dogs or cats, so her new home should give her space around others. Her litter box habits are good but will improve more after she gets used to a new home.


Animal Welfare Society

The following animal is available at the Animal Welfare Society in West Kennebunk. Call 985-3244 or visit

Teddy Pom Pom is a 9-year-old Pomeranian who loves to be held and carried around. Teddy also loves to be in your lap and would love nothing more than to share your nice cozy bed with you at night. He has had surgery for bladder stones and has been put on a diet of Royal Canine Urinary S/O Diet, which he must stay on for the rest of his life. Because of his medical condition any one interested in adopting Teddy will have to speak with a shelter worker and Dr. Angelos, a veterinarian at Mann Memorial Clinic.