Not only are Edgar Allen Beem’s insights the most culturally literate published in Maine, but they demonstrate a capacity for articulating the most broad understanding of our desperate socio-economic situation at the hands of the international corporate commissariat. It is ironic that those who call themselves “Constitutional Conservatives” seem to have overlooked two of the most vital aspects of the U.S. Constitution.

The first is “to insure domestic tranquility,” which can only be accomplished by insuring that the populace is fully informed of the truth, and not just propaganda from think-tanks dedicated to an ideology that serves no one so well as it does this international corporate commissariat that pays no taxes, but now owns our nation’s Capitol, as well as Augusta and the soul of one of our political parties.

The other is “to promote the general welfare,” which does not mean the corporate-owned media slavishly promoting what is primarily prostitution to the overall interests of the corporate commissariat that rules over us through its financial ability to promote or squelch job growth and therefore the general quality of we the people.

George Ryder Eaton
South Portland