Braden Gow of Belfast is one of five finalists in Dockers’ Wear the Pants Project contest, where the winner walks away with $100,000 after taxes to start a business and a year’s supply of Dockers pants. The finalists were chosen from a pool of 50 applicants, all of whom submitted business plans that would allow them to pursue their passions.

Gow’s plan details his intent to start a wood-fired clay oven bakery making naturally leavened bread. He would sell the bread at farmers markets and local co-ops in the Belfast area. The breads would be made with organic flours, seeds and nuts. In addition to wood heat, he would utilize solar hot water for a sustainable, “off-the-grid” operation.

The winner will be determined by votes on Dockers’ Facebook page, with the voting scheduled to end Sunday at midnight. To vote, you must have a Facebook account. Once you’re logged in, search for Dockers, like their page and then click on Dockers Wear the Pants Project Contest and vote for your favorite contestant.

Gow is up against Jarrett Haley of South Bend, Indiana, who wants to produce books for men; Steven Holt of Seattle, Washington, who wants to refurbish furniture and housewares; Joshua Kuch of Tallahassee, Florida, who wants to start a microbrewery; and Ryland King of Goleta, California, who wants to expand his nonprofit which fosters environmental stewardship in students.

Currently, Gow is trailing all his competitors in votes.

Dockers, which is a fashion brand known for its khaki pants, launched the contest to encourage men to take action and turn a passion into a business. In a prepared statement, Dockers said it launched its Wear the Pants ad campaign in 2009 to celebrate “a new style of masculinity – one that blends accountability and sensitivity, for the man who knows how to change a tire and a baby’s diaper.”