The elders at Maine Sunday Telegram are “all wee-weed up,” to use President Obama’s phrase, after Gov. LePage fired two new cabinet appointees (“Gov. LePage acts like he’s in over his head,” May 1).

Darryl Brown was deemed unqualified to serve as commissioner of Environmental Protection because he “may” have a conflict of interest. Phil Congdon is “alleged” to have made politically insensitive comments to an Aroostook County audience. Hence, the evil doers must be punished, and the elders instinctively “know whose a–(es) to kick” — another classy Obama expression.

In two front-page stories and a lengthy editorial, editorialists used these choice words to characterize LePage: “moronic,” “egotistic,” “reckless,” “arrogant,” “in over his head,” etc., taking their cues from columnist Bill Nemitz who selectively slanders Republicans under the heading of “Local and State News.” How do such harsh personal attacks advance political bipartisanship and responsible civic discourse?

The elders believe that LePage deserves this opprobrium because he committed the unpardonable sin of not properly vetting two political appointees. But where was their outrage when President Obama not only failed to vet his current Secretary of the Treasury, but also retains him in office despite his cheating on his federal income taxes. Obama also failed to vet former Green Jobs Czar Van Jones, who admitted that he was once a Communist and a Black Nationalist.

For these and similar screw-ups, the Democrats get a free pass while Republicans get their heads handed to them on a platter. This double standard reeks so bad even hypocrites must smell it.

My advice to LePage is to follow President Obama’s example of making recess appointments to circumvent the vetting process.