There are more than 325 recipes in “The Old Farmer’s Almanac Garden-Fresh Cookbook” (Yankee Publishing, $19.95), but the thing I liked best about this cookbook was all the practical information it contains, from a primer on canning to a chart outlining the best baking and cooking apples in North America.

You’ll also learn which flowers to plant if you want an edible flower garden, with instructions on how to use the flowers. There are tips on how to know what’s ripe, and a short lesson on how to dry herbs.

Wondering how long avocados will keep in the freezer? Check out the “How Long Will It Keep?” chapter. (The answer, by the way, is three months.)

And of course it wouldn’t be an Old Farmer’s Almanac publication without charts on spring and fall frosts, and advice on when to plant your second-season crops.