Need a new spring look but don’t have a lot of cash? Show up at Head Games Salon in Portland on Saturday, where a fashion-forward clothing exchange will take place.

Called SWAPmaine, the first-ever event of its kind in the state happens from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The premise is simple: Bring items that have worn out their welcome in your closet and take away clothes looking for a new home.

People who drop off clothing, shoes or accessories in advance receive free passes for Saturday’s swap. Today from 4 to 7 p.m. at Head Games is the last chance to drop off items in advance and receive a free entry pass.

Those who arrive on Saturday with a bag of clothing to swap can get in for $5. Anyone without a bag to trade must pay $10 to enter.

When they arrive, shoppers will be given a cotton bag filled with a few promotional items. This bag then serves as a shopping tote, and each person can take away as many items as will fit in the bag.

The swap is the brainchild of a group of Portland fashion bloggers who felt Portland could benefit from such an event.

“It all came about several months ago,” said Laura LeBrun, who blogs at and is helping to organize the swap. “Individually, several of us were thinking a big, citywide swap was something Portland was missing. Alexandra Munier (who blogs at sent out a tweet, and it went from there.”

The other bloggers organizing the stylish swap include Laura Serino of, Ashley Jordan of, Kate Sullivan Jones of and Mara Higgins and Keriann Russell of

“It’s a good way to meet people and get some new clothes,” LeBrun said. “A lot of us don’t have a lot of money right now, and a lot of us are interested in vintage. We’re also interested in promoting Goodwill.”

Not only are the Goodwill shops prime places to spot Portland’s fashion blogging elite, the nonprofit will also benefit from the event’s proceeds and the donation of any items left over when the swap ends.

At the moment, the piles of goods destined for the swap are growing fast.

“We have quite a bit of stuff,” LeBrun said. “Right now we’re kind of heavy on women’s, but we anticipate guys (and their donations) will show up the day of.”

And what does the fashionista, who is often featured on her blog sporting L.L. Bean Signature, H&M and J. Crew, covet among the items dropped off so far?

“I saw a Nicole Miller dress, some really pretty silver jewelry and a cute pair of sandals I was tempted to snag,” LeBrun said.

But for the sake of the swap, she restrained herself.

Instead, this expert thrift-store shopper offered some tips for those headed to the swap.

“Keep your eyes open and look for something unique,” LeBrun said. “The trick is definitely going in open-minded and trying new things.”

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