Preschool programs have long-term benefit, study says

A study released Thursday reveals the lasting, long-term impact of a solid preschool education, especially in disadvantaged communities.

While many studies over the years have demonstrated the benefits of starting kids early on the path to education, a study conducted in Chicago and published online by the journal Science shows attending preschool can yield payoffs into adulthood.

The report shows children who attended an established preschool in Chicago Public Schools completed high school at higher rates, improved living standards, stayed out of jail and had less likelihood of substance abuse into adulthood.

A group of researchers from the University of Minnesota for 25 years tracked 1,400 Chicago students who attended early childhood programs.


‘Surfing Madonna’ artist will help remove the graffiti

The mysterious artist of the Surfing Madonna has stepped forward to help the California beach city of Encinitas remove his illegal mosaic from public property.

Encinitas Assistant City Manager Richard Phillips said Thursday the city attorney was in talks with the attorney for Mark Patterson about the penalty for putting up the unauthorized piece that the city says is graffiti under the law.

The colorful mosaic depicts the Virgin of Guadalupe surfing a wave and the words “Save the Ocean.” It was put up before Easter and has drawn a following of fans to see it in Encinitas, a picturesque coastal community 25 miles north of San Diego.

City officials say the artwork is graffiti under the law and must go. They hired an art conservation agency to find a way to take it down without damaging it.

JUNEAU, Alaska

Palin’s emails as governor to be made public by Alaska

The state of Alaska is getting ready to release thousands of emails from Sarah Palin’s time as governor.

Alaska is putting out more than 24,000 pages of emails on Friday from the first 21 months of Palin’s administration.

It’s not yet clear whether the emails will contain any revelations. Prior records requests have shed light on the Palin administration’s efforts to advance a natural gas pipeline project and the role played by Palin’s husband in state business.

Sarah Palin told Fox News on Sunday that “every rock” that could’ve been kicked over to uncover things in her family has been.