BATH — The next step in the looming “smart meter” showdown between Central Maine Power Co. and the City Council isn’t yet clear.

The City Council met in executive session Wednesday night, but adjourned the meeting afterward without discussing or taking action on the city’s smart meter moratorium.

Three weeks ago, the City Council voted for a 180-day ban on installations in the city, as well as an amendment requiring CMP to get permission from residents before switching out their old meters.

The ordinance runs counter to a landmark Public Utilities Commission decision last month that gives people alternatives, but makes them pay for the options. CMP has warned city officials that it will challenge the ordinance in court unless the city rescinds it.

John Carroll, a CMP spokesman, said the utility is still evaluating the situation but likely to challenge the legality of the ordinance.

City Solicitor Roger Therriault said any change to the ordinance would require the City Council to take action in a public meeting. He said he could not comment further.