How do you feel about the popularity of 3-D movies and personal TVs? Do you think it’s just a phase or do you like 3-D in your entertainment?

“It was a phase years ago and didn’t last. I’m thinking it won’t last this time either.” Facebook follower Joe Seely Sr. 

“My husband and my 5-year-old like to see the 3-D movies in the theaters but my daughter and I don’t like them at all. We would never buy a TV with that feature. It would be nice if this was just a passing fad so I could stop fighting with the 5 year old about why Mommy will absolutely not pay the extra money to sit through a 3-D version of anything…” — Facebook follower Amanda Farrar 

“This is a fad that keeps popping up. 3-D gives me a headache and the rest of the family can take it or leave it too (leave it is more of the favored option).” — Facebook follower Lisabeth Dana Caroline Donnell 

“Unless the movie is made in 3-D, it usually isn’t worth the extra price in the theaters. And even then only big special effect movies seem worth it. I’d much rather just pay the normal movie price. 3D doesn’t seem interesting enough, and I definitely don’t need it at home.” — Twitter user MustBeThursday 

“We are still buying up old VCRs when we find them. Too old for new technology. New movies are not worth watching anyways.” — Facebook follower Bob Bishop 

“3-D movies just give me a headache. I hope they’re a passing fad. I’m sure this was said about color movies too, though.” — Facebook follower David Merritt 

“I like 3-D personally; adds another dimension to the experience. Beyond the obvious one, I mean. — Twitter follower Mattdelman 

“I hate 3-D. It makes my head hurt and turns a good movie into a cheesy gimmick.” — Twitter user Idget16 

“Hate 3-D. As a glasses wearer, it’s particularly annoying … and I personally get dizzy.” — Twitter user ImEveryKurtlan 

“Total phase for those who are nostalgic/tech heads.” — Twitter user ThisJessicaRae 

“Do not want, do not like, but am afraid it is the future.” — Twitter user LupineShadows 

“I think it’s a phase. It’s pretty, but needlessly expensive for every. single. movie.” — Twitter user SpiderSensed