We asked our readers this week about where they like to shop online.

The response was fairly one-sided, but is it any surprise that Amazon.com is a powerhouse? You can buy books, eBooks, DVDs, Blu-rays, video games, video game consoles, tablets, home supplies, and basically anything else you can think of. eBay is also a great place to look for deals! Here’s what everyone had to say: 

“Amazon.com is one-stop shopping for me!” — Facebook follower Anne Patterson 

“Amazon. Can find kindle ebooks and great prices on most other items, fast and free shipping.” — Facebook follower Nancy Wing 

“Amazon — you can get anything. For music, their cloud player works on iPhone, android, or any computer in the world. Stpring your music there is easy.” — Facebook follower The Maine Gazette 

“I often shop Amazon…you can find pretty much anything at competitive prices and I get free shipping!” — Facebook follower Jennifer Gray Hassencahl 

“Amazon, it usually has what I need and at the lowest price. Plus I trust the name.” — Twitter follower AerynKelly 

“eBay: I continue to find tons of great deals there.” — Twitter follower Johnbripley 

“Definitely Amazon – having prime makes it so worth it. Free 2-day shipping? Great customer service? I’m sold.” — Twitter follower Katie Neptune 

“Amazon – the prime program gives me free 2-day shipping!” — Facebook follower Elizabeth Deprey 

“ebay, Apple app store, iTunes.” — Facebook follower Christopher Freeman 

“I have your page set as my default page. Cause I miss living there and most likely be moving back some day and like going to different weather cams around the world.” — Facebook follower Susan Kaufman Tucker 

“Amazon, because it has everything. ebay because you can get things cheaper.” — Twitter follower LupineShadows 

“Amazon.com is fast, safe, and competitive.” — Facebook follower Patty Brennan 

“Amazon cause I can always find good deals and delivery is usually pretty fast.” — Twitter follower AylaRanzz