A few years ago, ordering a part for my ancient Kitchen Aid mixer resulted in a journey from Portland, Maine, to Portland, Oregon.

Wanting to be sure the needed part would be sent, my letter along with the order included the old Jack Benny joke when confronted by a robber, “Your money or your life.” If you are old enough you will remember his answer, “I’m thinking, I’m thinking.”

I wrote that should someone ask me, “your mixer or your life,” I would have to say, “I’m thinking, I’m thinking.”

Over the years, this mixer has produced hundreds of loaves of bread, thousands of cookies, cakes, cheesecakes, pastries, held our summer resort together and probably my marriage.

After receiving the awaited part, life went ballistic. I was asked if I would participate in an infomercial for their product which would include flying me out, (and back — important) meeting me at the airport, escorting me to a grand hotel with several other lucky ladies from all over the states.

There were a few requests. The director asked for photos and some background information to give producers an idea of the lives of the participants to make interviews easier for everyone. Running a seriously successful summer resort, our supply of photos was rather limited. Our normal panic mode did not leave a lot of time to be picturesque.

The one request I balked about was when they asked if I would bring my very old mixer with me.

Now, I love that mixer, but trying to haul that thing through security and aboard a plane would be a bit much. I could imagine guards saying, “This old lady is carrying a mixer and she’s not afraid to use it.” I could also see headlines in the news. “Grandma highjacks plane with concealed mixer.” Fortunately, I was able to talk them out of it.

My other problem was the wardrobe guidelines. Of course, after living in a small town in Maine for so many years my philosophy is if our local store doesn’t have it, I don’t need it. The one blouse I was counting on to get me through turned out to be the same color as the upholstery. I quickly faded into the background.

Obviously, they were aware of our haute couture in Maine and had a back-up for me.

It was an incredible experience in spite of my “deer in the headlights” feeling while being filmed.

My very old mixer is not only happily perking along with its new part, but has enriched my life with many new young friends, a powerful endorsement for any product.

– Special to the Telegram